Understanding How Landscaping Adds Value To Your Property

While you may not be considering selling or moving your home anytime soon, every purchase or decision you make regarding your home should add value to the property. Landscaping is one of the most significant investments you can make to a residential property, but too many homeowners neglect the exterior of their homes, failing to see the resale value of plant life and patios. However, never underestimate the value of curb appeal; it’s real and beneficial in more ways than one.


The most apparent benefit to a well-executed landscape is the beautification of a property. While a green and luscious lawn is an excellent start, it is more of a blank canvas than a finished product. Planting shrubs and shade trees, or installing a deck or patio not only pretty up the exterior of your home but creates usable space.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that landscaping can contribute to the energy efficiency of your home, cutting utility expenses? Insulating bushes and shade trees help to conserve the temperature inside your home, meaning that you require less heat in the colder months and less air conditioning in the warmer months.

Actual Value

A pristine landscape can add as much as 20% value to your home. While it may seem unlikely, aesthetics matter, and sometimes they matter more than the condition of the home. A beautiful and well-maintained yard indicates a cared for home, which buyers understand. When a property is not cared for, regardless of the house, people see diminished value.

Professional landscaping companies make all the difference in landscape design, especially when they are familiar with local climates. Does your property need a little more curb appeal, or do you want better use of the space you have? Contact a landscape company for a property assessment and discuss the vision you have for your home exterior. Don’t be afraid to be specific; a professional loves direction.