Better Your House With Hardscaping


A more prevalent style of home improvement nowadays is to complement your landscaping with some nice hardscaping. As opposed to maintaining plants and gardens, the term hardscape refers to the addition of human artifices to decorate your lawn or garden. One of the most common methods of doing this is by adding stone structures like walls and path, hence the ‘hard’ in hardscaping. You can use hardscaping to improve your house by finding pleasing varieties of different types of stone and arranging them in an appropriate way.

Many different stones are available to hardscape your backyard. Silver Travertine, Ivory Onyx, California Gold, Tuscany Beige or Chateaux, and Country or Multi Classic usually are used for projects in the backyard. The stones typically sought after for this sort of project are imbued with a number of natural patterns that can bring more life to your grounds. The preference for one rock over another will depend on the homeowner and his or her taste. If you as a homeowner want an opinion on which rock would look better for your property, then consider finding a professional who provides such service. 

Pavers can be a great way to incorporate hardscaping into your property. Though there are a range of colors to choose from, the rocks used in this type of project typically are darker in color. Fossil Rustic Gauged and Hand Cut incorporate interesting patterns, which can be ideal for flashier pavers. There are also the more classic designs like quartzite, travertine slate and granite. You may also choose from a number of reds and blues like Cordoba Noche Durango Cream, Basalt Blue and Atlantic Blue. Think about how your surroundings will contrast or complement when picking the type of stone you will use for your project. 

Additionally, some homeowners find flagstones to be useful in previously mentioned hardscaping projects or alone as a sort of stone center piece. Pennsylvania Bluestone, Buffalo Grey, Sonoran Gold and California Gold are among the most sought after flagstones for hardscaping use. These sorts of stones may be used in a number of projects like walk ways or paths, or incorporated into different hardscape projects like pavers.