Tips for Spring Landscaping Plans


The chill in the air has gone away and summer is approaching fast. Have you started to look forward to relaxing in your lush beautiful yard during the warm season? Spring is a great time to make landscaping plans. If you are looking to plan a space that is eye-catching, inviting and functional, here are some ideas to get you started when contacting a professional landscaper.

Blooming flowers, shrubs and trees can add a great deal of color and cheer to any home’s exterior. Using a combination of annuals and perennials can keep your landscape in vivid color all year. With virtually endless choices, consulting with your landscaper is a great way to select the blossoming elements that will thrive in your yard.

When creating a design plan, consider planting items of varied height. There are different ways to arrange plants, all with the goal of adding visual appeal. Staggering the heights, with low plants in front and taller in back, gives all of your landscaping elements the opportunity to shine. Patterns can be created through clustering and repetition, utilizing varied colors and textures.

Hardscaping with stones, pavers, paths and other solid, unchanging objects are an important element to your design. These objects can help a great deal in organizing the space, adding additional areas for outdoor enjoyment and contributing to visual appeal. Surprise elements like fountains, benches or special floral presentations can turn your yard into an amazing outdoor oasis.

Planning your landscape is a great place to get creative and let your imagination take over. It’s hard not to get excited by the stunning array of ways to add color, form and function to the outdoors. Regardless of the size of your landscaping project, working closely with your landscaper to plan and design your outdoor space this spring puts you one step closer to enjoying the beauty and relation it is sure to provide throughout the year.