Tips for Landscaping With Stone

Landscaping with stone is a popular option as stone is low maintenance, durable and clean looking. That said, there are a dozen designs you can create with stone, and even more masonry options. There are pebbles, pavers and rain rocks, brick, granite and concrete. For tips on how to use stone in your landscaping, consider the following:

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens can be created with a mixture of boulders, pebbles and flat stones and with rocks in a variety of shapes, size and colors. Like a flower garden, variety is key in a rock garden, so have fun with it! Plant a few easy to maintain flowers and bushes for variability, or even consider dumping some sand in between rocks. While you may need to pull weeds initially, the rocks should kill all weed growth over time. If you want to speed up the weed-elimination process, place landscaping fabric beneath some of the larger stones.

Stone Pavers

Many people use these large stones to cover larger areas of landscape and even to create whole patios. You can find these stones in a variety of materials, including sandstone, granite, flagstone, limestone, slate, brick and concrete. However, you don’t have to choose just one option. Many homeowners opt to mix and match materials for a more creative and unique look. You may choose to use limestone as your patio flooring but opt for a mix of concrete and brick as your pathway. For a more natural appearance and a pop of unexpected color, leave room for moss and grass to grow between the rocks.

 A Pond or Stream

Stones are great for building small waterways and ponds. While you may need to hire a professional to help with the actual water part, you can lay much of the foundation yourself. Use rain rocks and pebbles to create the bed, but don’t forget to lay a layer of plastic first. This will keep the water in instead of allowing it to seep into the dirt.

Masonry is a great landscaping material and can give you the low maintenance, colorful and clean looking yard you desire. Use the above ideas to get started!