The Best Dwarf Trees for Your Small-Yard Design

When it comes to landscaping, most homeowners opt for flowers, bushes and mulch, but many fail to consider the most essential plant of all: the tree. This is because most people tend to think of big soaring oaks, giant redwoods or even the evergreen pine, all of which are much too large for most residential spaces. However, there are smaller options for tree lovers with smaller spaces. If you’re interested in planting one or several trees in your yard, a professional tree service can help you identify the best dwarf trees for your small-yard design.

Japanese Maple

Beautiful, (partially) edible and ideal for small spaces with moderate sunlight, the Japanese Maple is one of the most popular landscape trees available. This tree comes in hundreds of varieties, each of which has its own unique leaf color, shape and growth habits. Though the fruit produced by these trees is generally not edible, the Japanese have been known to fry the maple leaves for a tasty candied treat.


The dogwood is another tree that comes in dozens of varieties. These trees are ideal for just about any space, as they can range in size from small and shrub-like to full-blown tree-sized. Though small, they pack quite a visual punch with their red, white and pink showy flowers. Some dogwoods produce edible fruits, so if you’re looking for a tree that is practical and beautiful, talk to your professional tree service about which dogwood is right for you.


If you’ve seen a full-sized apple tree before, you may be wondering why it made the “small tree” list, as many apple trees are large enough to overwhelm a small yard. However, there are dwarf apple trees that stay under 8 feet tall but that still produce several bushels of fresh fruit on an annual basis. Dwarf apple trees are a hybrid of dwarf rootstock, which keeps the tree small, and scion wood, which keeps the fruit tasty.

If you love trees but just don’t have the space in your yard for a full-sized one, talk to a professional tree service near you about landscaping with one of the above tree varieties today.