Reasons a Garden is Good for Your Health


In a world filled with a multitude of reasons to stay indoors, it‘s nice to know there are health benefits to spending time outdoors. One of the best reasons to go outside is tending a spring and summer garden. Here are three reasons to consider growing a garden in your yard or on your windowsill:



The growth of interest in organic groceries has risen just as stories of contaminated foods and threatened shortages fill the news broadcasts. Growing your own fruits and vegetables provides a sense of security because you know your food is safe and healthy. It is also convenient to pick items from your garden instead of running to the store every time you need something fresh.



Your emotional and mental well-being is important and often overlooked. Spending time in a beautiful tranquil private garden can help you relax and ease your everyday stress. Pulling weeds sounds like a boring past time, but it not only relieves stress, it provides a sense of accomplishment. Plus your garden can beautify your yard while helping you relax.


Vitamin D

The intake of vitamin D is critical in your body’s ability to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. It is so essential to your health that your body can make it after your skin is exposed to sunlight. Taking time outside in the sun while you water or weed a garden may provide enough skin exposure to assure your body has ample amounts of sun to produce all the vitamin D your body needs.



Your health is important to you and your family. Creating a garden may seem like a small thing, but it can have tremendous health benefits. If you are unsure how to start or what to plant in your area, contact your local gardening experts for advice. By taking the time to create a garden you can improve your stress level and your health.