How to Rock Your World With Rock Landscaping

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If you’ve ever wondered whether you can achieve the same unique and beautiful look with rock landscaping that you’ve noticed in other people’s yards, the answer is yes! While it takes planning and it’s best to work with a professional, landscaping with rock doesn’t have to be unattainable.


You have many options, from large boulders that might require a backhoe to place all the way down to tiny stones no bigger than the nail on your little finger – and everything in between! It’s best to develop a plan first, rather than placing your stones haphazardly. Having a plan will save you from moving them around, paying for extra time on equipment or labor and wreaking havoc on your existing landscaping.


Large boulders especially take planning in rock landscaping. If you are thinking of using one or more of these, take the time to stake out a design first and then step back. Envisioning your plan before that big rock is in place will let you easily make changes if it turns out to be not the best location. Stand alone or with flowers or shrubs planted around or behind it – either way, taking the time for assessing placement will pay off in the end.


Smaller rocks can actually be switched out from one season to the next if you want to change your color scheme. It can be especially fun to change out your rocks at the same time you add new flowers each spring. When you’ve done your planning with a professional, you generally know that your location is a good one. Switching up what’s in that location, so long as you stay with the same general rock size, is relatively easy. Rock landscaping has the advantages of being natural, weatherproof and once placed, staying put. Their design and aesthetics never go out of style. So, get started now and have some fun!