Choosing The Right Trees For Your Landscape

Deciding on the right trees for your yard can be a daunting task. Understanding the best time for planting trees, picking the best fruit trees for your region, and establishing proper tree care can help you grow strong trees that will help enhance your landscape.

Early spring can be the perfect season to plant trees in climates that typically experience all four seasons. This early planting helps the trees to avoid the extreme heat of summer as they establish themselves. Evergreen and conifer trees, such as cedar, fir, juniper, and pine, all do well when planted in the spring. Trees that are harvested with a bare-root system also do well when planted in the springtime as their exposed roots can attach quickly and easily.

Proper tree care can help trees grow healthy and strong. Understanding the difference between shade and sun-tolerant trees can help you to choose the best saplings for your area when planting trees. If your property gets plenty of full and direct sunlight for 6 hours or more a day, most types of beech, birch, dogwood, elm, and oak are great choices. Many trees that do well in direct sunlight will also grow well in partial sun and shade. However, if your landscape receives sunlight for less than 2 hours a day, you’ll need to look for trees that function well in full shade. Breeds such as American beech, Eastern hemlock, maple, pagoda dogwood, and yew are all shade-tolerant trees that can do well without an abundance of sunshine.

Here in the Northeast, there are certain types of trees that naturally do well in that climate. Eastern red cedar and Northern red oak are both popular tree choices that are hardy for the Northeast. A wide variety of fruit trees such as Liberty apple, Seneca plum, Harglow apricot, and White Gold cherry trees can all provide both fruit and beauty to your yard while being strong enough for harsher climates.

When planting trees, choosing the right trees for your landscape can help you to grow robust, healthy trees that can last for years to come.

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