Bush Basics: Tree Shrub Service

When landscaping your yard, you may decide to plant some shrubs. A shrub is defined as any plant that is too short to be called a tree. The height of a shrub generally falls under 20 feet. If you are preparing to plant a shrub or a group of shrubs, also known as a hedge, you should know some basic information about these plants and available tree service.


Shrubs can be dense and close to the ground, which is commonly referred to as a bush, or stand tall and look more similar to trees. Either type of shrub can grow independently or with a group to form a hedge. There are benefits to each.


For independently planted tree shrubs, there is more risk of damage from the elements and physical impact. If the plant is placed next to a driveway or any other roadway, it may need additional protection to prevent harm from passersby. When tree shrubs are clustered together to form a hedge, they require more regular tree service to prune the shrubs and promote healthy growth.


No matter if the tree shrub is planted independently or with a group, there will be pruning required periodically. There are several different types of pruning methods that benefit the growth of the tree shrub. A professional pruner will know what method to use to encourage strong growth. Additionally, the expert will be well trained to remove any parts of the plant that have been damaged or are sick. It is important to cut away these parts of the plant promptly in order to allow the shrub to continue growing and not be affected by the damaged section of the shrub.


Planting shrubs around your home can be a beautiful way to create a natural border, fence or add greenery to your property. To promote healthy growth of these plants, it is best to hire a tree service professional to regularly prune your shrubs.