Are you in the market to sell your home?

5 Ways Your Yard May Be Scaring Off Potential Homebuyers

Your yard looks unkempt. It’s important to keep in mind that your yard translates into what the real estate industry calls “curb appeal.” You want potential buyers to like what they see on the outside of the home so they’re drawn inside. You may not have the money to create a Zen garden or plant an oak tree that can support a swing, but you can at least keep your grass mowed and edged properly.

Your yard looks high-maintenance. It sounds crazy, but you can overdo your yard.

Your koi fish pond may be a turnoff. A water feature can also repel buyers who are looking for a low-maintenance yard.

Your trees are too close to your house. Sure, those trees might give your home a cozy, wooded vibe, but they also hide your house and block the natural light when you’re inside the home

You aren’t taking your real estate agent’s landscaping advice. Since you’ve been living there forever, you may not notice the broken fence or that your untended flower garden is something of an eyesore. You may not be the best person to judge how your house looks to outsiders.