8 Fast Ways to Make a Patio Pop

patio design ideasIf you’re a homeowner with a patio, then odds are you want to make the most of that space. Patios are great spaces for family and friends to gather. They can be great for big family meals or entertaining guests. When it comes time to utilize the patio again, most people start looking into new patio design ideas. If you’re like many, these 8 fast ways to make a patio pop might just help you out.
Replace Furniture
One of the best ways to give your patio a facelift is to change out the old furniture and introduce something new.
Install a Fire Pit
Fire pits are becoming more common. They can serve as a place to roast food or to gather to stay warm in the cooler months.
Install a Fountain
Fountains can be a beautiful addition to any section of your yard. This is especially true of the patio area.
Put up a Trellis
When looking into patio design ideas, a trellis could add that pop that you want. Consider installing a trellis and planting something to train up it. This adds height and color to your patio.
Reframe the Patio
Another trick that many people use is reframing the patio entirely. You can either expand the space or create a landscape edging.
Add Lighting
When remodeling your patio, don’t forget about lighting. Consider string lights or hurricane lamps to brighten dark corners and add a new atmosphere.
Exchange Fabrics
Sometimes an easy change can be the best kind. If you already have furniture, consider replacing the fabric. Use different colors or textures to create a new patio.
Create a Garden
When you’re looking for designs that might add color and life to your space, you may want to consider adding plants to your patio.
Your patio should be a space that you love to spend time in and also are proud to entertain in. Hopefully, these patio design ideas will help you spruce it up.