5 Creative Planters To Use In Your Garden

New use for an old wheelbarrow - a planter with colorful flowersHere at Creative Contour, I love to find unique ways to reuse and upcycle. Luckily there are plenty of ways to reuse old items around your house right in your garden. Anything that can hold soil can act as a plant container, but here’s a list of some of my favorite containers:


Old Wheelbarrow

If you have a rusty old wheelbarrow laying around, put it to good use! Simply set it up in a garden, fill it with soil and start planting. You can also opt to repaint it to give it a fresh look or to add a new pop of color to your garden. The best part of having a planter on wheels? You can easily water these plants or wheel them to a safer location if the temperatures drop.


Watering can filled with new geraniums by an old barn. ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

Watering Can Containers

If you’re retiring your old watering can, don’t throw it away. Instead, turn it into a small planter and use it as an accent piece either on your patio, in your gardens or on your deck. To ensure water has room to drain, line the bottom of the can with pebbles before you add the potting soil and flowers.


Plants surrounding a bird bath in a garden of lilac and pink blooms

Fountain Planters

Whether you have an old water fountain that doesn’t run water like it used to or a bird bath that you’re thinking of getting rid of don’t haul them away to the dumpster just yet. I recommend making them a focal point in your gardens and replace their basins of water with fresh soil and plants.
Fallen Planter

Here’s a way to add a playful feature to a whimsical garden. Instead of using your outdoor planting container the conventional way, tip it over and plant as if the container is spilling beautiful flowers out into your garden. This idea will certainly catch the attention of guests and neighbors and is a unique way to make use of old barrels and planters.


Old children rubber boots with blooming summer flowers on the entrance door of a house

Old Boot Containers

We all have shoes that we no longer wear or use anymore. Whether you have an excess of child sized rain boots or old work boots, you can now put them on display! Any old boot will look great with a bushel of beautiful peonies emerging from the top. You can opt to hang the boots, place them on your patio or deck or position them in your gardens.


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